Saving Worthing businesses money on their supplies and services since 1997
When we are asked can you look after my bills? Our answer has been the same since 1997
Yes we can because We search and you save
How can Search and Save provide this service Free of Charge?
Search and Save receives a fee for each new contract switched to a new Supplier irrespective of who that is.

Our Process

You agree to let Search and Save work for you for FREE and give us with your supplier and business details. We contact you at the appropriate time before your current contract ends and give you a prewritten cancellation notice to sign and send to your existing supplier so you don’t automatically roll overonto a new contract ......more


How can Search and provide me this service free of charge? A. Search and receives a fee for each new contract switched to a new energy supplier irrespective of who that is. ......more

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Our latest savings

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