With Electricity and Gas suppliers constantly raising their prices business only have 2 options

Use less units or Pay less per unit used

It’s not always easy or even possible for a business to use less gas or electricity so the emphasis has to be on paying less for what is consumed. 

For businesses, choosing a 12 month or longer contract if possible is the best route.

It is imperative therefore that at the time of entering the contract a business owner has all their options in front of them for consideration so that the cheapest possible price can always be guaranteed to be obtained. 

Similarly it is essential that contracts are not allowed to ‘’roll over’’ as this will certainly mean that a much higher per unit price is paid during the ‘’roll over’’ contract than would have been otherwise. 

Search and Save have been helping local businesses in Worthing to get the very best prices for their gas and electricity contracts since 1997 – some of you may remember us from those days, we were simply known as Electrasave.

We work with all the main suppliers, both large and small

Our service is FREE OF CHARGE at all times and we guarantee to;

  • Always get you the cheapest prices available
  • Always contact you well before your contract is due to expire so you do not automatically ‘’roll over’’
  • Keep all your details on record so you don’t have to frustratingly supply the same data year on year, saving you lots of time and aggravation
  • Liaise on your behalf with your current and new suppliers so you don’t have to lift a finger
  • Ensure accurate meter reads are passed to each supplier ensuring a smooth transition
  • Ensure your choice of how and when you pay is always noted by the new supplier

By using Search and Save you can get on with the business of running your business in the full knowledge that you can do so at the lowest energy prices available. 


Remember, you PAY NOTHING for our service as we are paid a commission based on your usage by whichever company you move to.




Our Process

You agree to let Search and Save work for you for FREE and give us with your supplier and business details. We contact you at the appropriate time before your current contract ends and give you a prewritten cancellation notice to sign and send to your existing supplier so you don’t automatically roll overonto a new contract ......more


How can Search and Save.com provide me this service free of charge? A. Search and Save.com receives a fee for each new contract switched to a new energy supplier irrespective of who that is. ......more

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