We have just had some exciting news from O2:

With immediate effect we can offer 3 months free rental to you the customer if you sign and connect before end of Sept (up to and including the 8GB package). 

The promotion only applies to new and ported connection on O2 (not migrations) connected between now and 30th September.



Promotional tariff

O2 SC-Refresh 300


1st 3 months free

O2 SC-Refresh 500


1st 3 months free

O2 SC-Refresh 5GB


1st 3 months free

O2 SC-Refresh 8GB


1st 3 months free

O2 SC-Refresh 16GB


1st 2 months free

O2 SC-Refresh 32GB


1st 2 months free

O2 SC-Refresh 50GB


1st 2 months free

Over 80% of businesses are currently on incorrect price plans, some of them years old and are paying between 30-60% too much on each bill that they get.

Many business owners just don’t have the time or energy to trawl through all the different options available plumping in many cases to stick with the ‘’Devil they know’’.

We are business partners with all 5 UK major mobile networks giving us access to view all the latest tariffs and packages across the whole market offering you at every contract renewal the very best in preferential rates and the very latest in mobile technology coupled with unrivalled ongoing support from our dedicated account management team.

Our service is FREE OF CHARGE at all times and we guarantee to always; 

  • Provide you with all your options at each contract renewal so that you can either stay with your existing provider on the best rates we can obtain for you or switch to an alternative supplier if more attractive options are available elsewhere
  • Contact you well before your contract is due to expire so you do not automatically ‘’roll over’’
  • Keep all your details on record so you don’t have to frustratingly supply the same data year on  year saving you lots of time and aggravation 
  • Liaise on your behalf with your current and new providers so you don’t have to lift a finger
    • Ensure you are provided with the best possible upgrades at each renewal
    • Complete all the paperwork on your behalf making the process simple and easy for you

By using Search and Save you can get on with the business of running your business in the full knowledge that you can do so at the lowest mobile call and data rates available. 

Remember, you PAY NOTHING for our service as we are paid a commission based on your usage by whichever company you move to.



Our Process

You agree to let Search and Save work for you for FREE and give us with your supplier and business details. We contact you at the appropriate time before your current contract ends and give you a prewritten cancellation notice to sign and send to your existing supplier so you don’t automatically roll overonto a new contract ......more


How can Search and provide me this service free of charge? A. Search and receives a fee for each new contract switched to a new energy supplier irrespective of who that is. ......more

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